Movie Watching

My almost 4 year old daughter is beginning to love watching movies in the big screen!  To date, she has already watched 3 movies!

The first she watched was Frozen.  Of course, who wouldn’t want to watch that great movie!  It was a memorable first for Daphne!  All the singing had an effect on her.  What I love about the movie is the moral lesson it sends out to kids.  Love your sister.  Protect your sister.  Until now, she and little sister Denise love singing the soundtrack from the movie.  In fact, I got too many a video of them singing the “Let It Go” song!

Here is Daphne during her first movie experience.


The next movie she watched was the Lego Movie.  She didn’t like it that much!  I can say this because she can’t stay put during the movie.  I know she’s bored.  That movie was meant for older kids and those kids at heart!  She didn’t understand all the talking. Except for the song, “everything is awesome,” it wasn’t really that catchy!


For the last movie, she went with her Ninang Pinky!  It was just recently, they watched Rio2!  I am not so sure whether she enjoyed the movie or not as I didn’t watch with her.  But as per her Ninang Pinky, she behaved well inside the cinema!  And all I know is that they now have an agreement to watch a movie again.  What movie, that I don’t know!

Here they were before the movie started.


I hope they produce more movies like Frozen.  Those movies are the kind I want my children watching.

How about you?  Have your kids started watching movies in the cinema?  How old were they when they started? 

Thanks for reading!  Just sharing!

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