How to make your kid write!

My almost 4 year old is not keen on writing. But it’s almost the start of the school year and she needs to practice. I am pretty sure you are having the same dilemma as me. Today, I discovered or should I say tricked my daughter into writing. It may not be the whole alphabet but at least it’s a few letters off the list!

Aside from your kid being able to practice writing, this will also help you organize the voluminous puzzles your kids have.

We were playing their puzzles and I discovered that it’s all mixed up. Have a look!


When we were done with 2 of the puzzles, I came up with an idea. I turned over 1 of the 2 puzzles, and then I asked Daphne to write Letter A on the surface of the 1st set. Then she wrote Letter B on the 2nd set.

This is the 1st set, when done.


This is how the back looks like with all the Letter A written. You may see some scribbles because my 18th month old helped “writing!”


We have also finished the 2nd set.


I managed to take a picture when it’s perfectly turned over.


Now we are going to do the other puzzles. It’s a great idea, isn’t it?

It’s also a fun way to bond with the kids without leaving the house!

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