Riding the LRT Line 2

I haven’t taken the LRT for a few years now.  The last time I took the LRT for my daily commute was when I was still having my classroom training in BDO in the year 2008. 

Here’s how an LRT Station looks like when empty.

Photo taken on LRT Line 2 Pureza Station

I have the chance now to ride the LRT going to and from work.  Riding the LRT can be very convenient and fast, my usual 1hour trip on a jeepney is only about 20minutes on an LRT. I want to share some LRT reminders for commuters to keep in mind.

1) Wear a body bag, a knapsack or any bag that you can sling onto yourself. Always put your bag in front of you. Keep an eye on all your belongings.

Here’s a bag I use for commuting. Its size is just right. Not too big and bulky, not too small either. It has a long sling so I could wear it.

As much as possible, your bag should free your hands to hold the following:
– hold the handles when you’re not lucky enough to get seated. You won’t be swayed around by immediate brakes or stops.
– hold your tickets if you don’t have pockets. That way, you won’t need to open your bag to scramble for your ticket.
– hold a fan and fan yourself. That leads us to number 2

2) Bring a fan. It could be hot and humid during the commute. A fan will be a delight to have as you fan yourself out of the hotness. Some trains would have busted air conditioning systems, and sometimes, even the best airconditioning systems could not cool a coach cramped and full of people.

Take a look at my cute fan.

3) Buy a Stored Value Ticket. Instead of lining up for around 10minutes or so just to buy a Single Journey Ticket, you could save a lot of time and effort with a Stored Value Ticket. Imagine passing the long line of people buying tickets at the ticket counters, and you going straight to the platform, ain’t it a breeze?

These tickets are sold for only Php 100.00! If you think you’d be taking the train for multiple times, these SVTs could come handy. Don’t fret, these tickets have a long life too. They could last a good 3 months or so.

On top of this, you could also get an almost free ride with your SVT! Even if your last remaining balance is not enough to cover your fare, you could still take your last ride. No hassles whatsoever, the ticket counter will just eat your ticket when depleted of balance.

Take a look at my old and super scratchy ticket.


Let me in you on a secret. An SVT of LRT Line 1 could be used in Line 2! It works the same way! And, instead of being charged Php13.00 or Php 14.00 as your regular fare, it will only charge you Php 12.00. I think LRT Line 1 charges this amount. You could buy a cup of coffee with those Php 1 you save.

4) Stay awake and alert! Whenever commuting, regardless if these are trains, buses, cabs or jeepneys, do not sleep! Be mindful of people around you. Be observant and stay focused. Be aware of your surroundings. Always be ready for whatever that could come your way. When you are asleep, you can’t be prepared for what may come.

5) Position and Get Ready. There will always be passengers who can’t wait to get on the train. Just a simple reminder, if you are getting on the train, wait for the passengers to alight the train first. The guards are looking and they will give you ample time to board. They won’t just close the train doors.

If you’re the one alighting the train, before the train stops to your station, position yourself near the door and get ready with all your things. Excuse yourself when people are blocking your way. Announcements are broadcasted over the speakers, they usually announce what the next station is. Though if you ride the train everyday, you’d probably know what the next stop is.

There will always be passengers who don’t follow proper protocol and are rude. There’s nothing else to do but to push them away if they are blocking you and won’t move and let you pass.

These are my personal experiences and I hope you’d learn a thing or 2. Feel free to comment and share your experiences as well.

Thank you for reading and happy LRT riding!

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