New: McRib by Mcdo



Tried the new Mcdo Pork Rib or the McRib the other night.  You can either have it Regular or Deluxe.  The difference is only the strips of veggies on top. 

As you can see on top picture, the bread is way bigger than the actual rib patty.  First impression lasted pretty easily when I took a bite.

The rib is really tasty.  With its barbeque like sauce, it’s juicy and tangy at the same time.

It ‘s worth trying.  Taste can compare to the Grilled BBQ Meals Mcdo has in other countries, just don’t mention the size!

Prices vary depending on your meal.  We had everything upsized, the Fries and the Drinks, we paid Php164 in total.

Tried the McRib again today. The patty is bigger than the 1st time I ate it.

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