Madonna Live!!!

Oh my God!  This is the moment I have been waiting for! 

Mo Twister just announced on his radio show that “the” Madonna will hold 2 concerts on February 24 and 25 next year at the MOA Arena!

It wasn’t supposed to be out in the public yet, but he’s a friend of the producer and he squealed it!

Time to save up guys!  Ticket prices are really really way high!  The most expensive is Php 50,000!!! I dont have that kind of money so I guess I’ll settle for a lower ticket price.  But definitely not the admission price which is priced at Php2,600. 

Conscience – This is really too expensive!
Me – But this is once in a lifetime!
Conscience – You can buy a lot from that money!
Me – I will not spend on unnecessary items in exchange.
Conscience – It is still expensive!
Me – I will start saving now!!!

Ohhh!  I am very excited!  I will not let this chance pass.  Michael Jackson is dead and I won’t be able to watch him anymore.  I won’t let that happen here.  Madonna’s Concert in Manila is a once in a lifetime chance to see her perform live and up close!

See you next year Madonna!
Who is going with me???

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