Food Trip: Tien Ma’s

Tien Ma’s is located along D Tuazon corner Retiro in Quezon City.  Tien Ma’s which means Mother Tien or Mama Tien, aims to serve Authentic Chinese Cuisine.  The business just opened last January, 2015.  They plan to open their 2nd branch in Greenhills, San Juan this year.


“Tien Ma’s is proud of serving authentic Chinese cuisine with recipes that are actually the couple’s family secrets passed on for generation.”  This is an excerpt of their history written in the menu.  Good for us that they are sharing such yummy dishes for us to savor.

One of their bestsellers is Xiao Long Bao ( 小 籠 包 ) and I think it’s really one of the bests here in Manila.  For just Php 200.00, you will be served 9 newly steamed Xiao Long Baos in traditional steaming bamboo basket.


Xiao Long Bao is no ordinary dumpling.  Aside from the minced meat, there is soup inside the bun.  Here’s a little tip on how to eat it.  Use your chopsticks and raise it slowly from the basket.  Careful not to break the bun so the soup won’t spill.  Dip it into your vinegar & ginger sauce.  Place it on your chinese spoon.  While still holding it with both your hands, carefully bite the top of the bun so you could sip the soup inside.  Once soup is finished, you could take the whole bun or bite it and devour it little by little.

Next is the Pineapple Fried Rice with Pork Floss, also at Php 200.00.


It’s an ordinary fried rice, but the pork floss and the pineapple bits make it tastier. 

The Three Cup Chicken and the Sliced Beef with Bell Pepper, being Main Dishes, both costs Php 199.00.  Like most Sauteed Chinese Dishes, these 2 dishes are very very oily.


The Three Cup Chicken is a very famous chicken dish in Chinese Cuisine.  How did it get its name?  It is called such because the cook puts a cup each of the 3 main sauces.  The main sauces are Soy Sauce, Rice Wine and Sesame Oil.  It’s mixed with Ginger, Garlic and Basil.

It is cooked in an earthenware pot on high heat for 10 minutes and on low heat for the sauce to be absorbed by the meat.  Served with no sauce.  三 杯 雞 is cooked until the sauce evaporates and is absorbed by the chicken.

Tien Ma’s version of the three cup chicken is really good.  You can really savor the sauces’ flavors with each bite.

The Sliced Beef is your regular sauteed dish.  The beef is very tender though. 


The name of this next dish caught our attention, so we were curious what it was.  Lion’s Head Hotpot.


It is a soup first and foremost.  The huge meatballs form part of the Lion’s Head.  But I can’t tell why it was called that.  Maybe the next time we drop by, I’m gonna ask someone why.

Out of the 5 dishes we ordered, I love the Xiao Long Bao the most.  This doesn’t stop here.  Will definitely be back as there are a lot more dishes to try! 

See you soon!

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