Shopping: National Bookstore Warehouse Sale

Good thing this was extended.  I was able to score some amazing deals in the National Bookstore Warehouse Sale!


How it looked.  Thankfully, it was raining so it wasn’t that hot.  There were coolers all around the area too!  But this isn’t for people with asthma as the place was full of dust.  Boxes and boxes of old stocks just lying there!


It is a Saturday so many people were really present.  Some really scour the boxes for good finds.  I just browsed through all the tables and the shelves. 

Before I went to the cashier to pay, I was thinking of getting these books.  It’s still wrapped in plastic and in very good condition.  The price? 30 each!  Good deal right?  Didn’t buy it though, not sure if I would be able to complete the whole set.


No regrets though, contented with my stash!


What I bought was mostly for the kids.

Skillbooks and activity books. 


Stabilo 24 pcs Colored Pencils and Shapes Crayons.


Pens. Door stopper. Frosted stapler.


And the most wonderful bargain of all.  A Michael Jackson book.


Everything we bought was more than 50% off. 

Hope next year I could go to the sale during the first few days.  When everything is still in order.

You still have one day to check the warehouse sale.


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