Family Mode: Papal Commemorative Coins

The Pope came to visit Manila last January 15 to 19.  The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas issued the Papal Coins to commemorate his visit.

There were 2 kinds of commemorative coins, one is the Php 50 coin and the other is the Php 500 coin.  The BSP sold it at twice its value.  You will pay Php 100 for the Php 50 coin and Php 1000 for the Php 500 coin.

It has Pope Francis’ angelic face and minted in a gold coin.


As soon as I found out how to order,  I immediately ordered.  I ordered 2 Php 50 coin – 1 for each daughter.  It was through BSP’s website.  It was not acknowledged so I thought it didn’t get through.

It has been months already and I wasn’t expecting anymore.  In my mind, it was over and done with.

Until I receive this email,


from the Cash Department Counter of the BSP.  It is a confirmation that they indeed received my order and that I can now pick it up in their office! 

I am so excited!  Will update you the soonest I get hold of them!



It’s in a packet smaller than a cd. The coin is inserted inside.

Thanks to my hubby who picked them up for me. He had a hard time, since he was pointed to different gates inside the BSP Grounds. He walked a number of steps before he got to the Cash Counter of BSP. But hey, it’s here now. And I am happy!


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