Public Service: A Teacher in Need

A teacher is our second mother.  Our home away from home.  I have met some of the best teachers and I am grateful to them for helping my parents mold me into what I am now.

Now that I am a parent myself, I am depending on my daughter’s teachers to teach her what I couldn’t.  I get amazed and still get amaze everytime on how they do it.  My daughter gets home from school learning a ton of new things!  With all the songs, the rhymes, the words, the numbers, I sometimes couldn’t believe it.

These teachers are so important in a person’s life.  It is but just to make them feel important and loved as well. 

I learned about a teacher in need from a fellow mom.  According to my fellow mom, Ms Hernandez needs dialysis 3x a week because of her kidney failure.  She needs kidney transplant because of the failure, and she is still looking for a possible donor.  She has lupus and takes a lot of medicine, and maybe, that’s what caused her kidney to break down. 

It is physically and mentally exhausting to go through dialysis, as well as financially challenging as cost of dialysis per session is really expensive.  But here is Teacher Mary Rose, fighting and keeping the faith. 

She has been a great teacher during her 10 years as a Pre-School Teacher in my daughter’s school.  She continues to fight this ordeal with a brave front and that is why we need to help her fight. 

How can we help?

You can purchase these T-Shirts and the proceeds will go directly to Teacher Mary Rose’s Medical Fund.  Available in 4 sizes.  For Small & Medium, price is Php 250.00; for Large & Extra Large, price is Php 260.00.  You may call Teacher Mary Rose’s sister, Ms Susan Estrella at 09178469168 for your orders.



You can also help financially by depositing to Teacher Mary Rose’s BDO Account with details as follows:
Account Name: Mary Rose Hernandez
Account Number: 006630179799

You can help by praying for her.  There is nothing more powerful than prayer.

Thank you in advance for taking time to read.  I hope we could do something for her.  There is no little or big help in times like this. 

Let’s pay it forward.


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