Public Service: Why Traffic is Bad!

I drive everyday going to work and coming home.  It just kills me that traffic nowadays is really so BAD!!! Yes, and it deserves a post!

We spend time away from the family as we go and earn a living for them.  And traffic adds to that time spent away from the family!  Imagine going home from work and your kids are sleeping already.  Then you leave early in the morning to get to work on time and they are still sleeping.

Listed below are some reasons I think that cause Bad Traffic:

1)  Government doesn’t do anything.  No, I take it back.  Government does a lot of things.  They go and excavate roads to get budget!

It is true that millions or even billions of pesos are lost daily as people or even goods get stuck in traffic.  But still, our good for nothing government does everything but fix Manila’s TRAFFIC problem.  Why, you ask?  Because they have their police escorts to manage traffic where they will pass.  No to wang wang they say?  Of course, there is No Wang Wang.  Only escorts that go ahead of them and stop motorists street by street, intersection by intersection.  They don’t get affected with it.  And by the way, according to them, traffic means our economy is good. Wtf?

2)  Flood isn’t controlled.

Used to be that only non stop heavy rains cause flood, not anymore.  The littlest amount of rainfall now will make Manila a swimming pool, which in turn will turn Manila into a parking lot with waves!

A few days ago, an hour of rain turned that night into hell.  The usual 45 minute drive was converted into a 3 hour drive.  There was water everywhere!  Cars can’t passed through, traffic ain’t moving.

Again, this falls back to number 1.  Government doesn’t do anything, they just pretend they do.  Hukay dito, hukay doon. Kunwaring magpapalit ng pang drainage.  Isemento ulit, ayos na!  Sa susunod na project na lang ulit. 

And of course, it’s not only the government that should be blamed.  Some people just continue to throw garbage on the streets.  Do your part, people!  Those little candy wrappers can do so much damage, put them in your pockets if there are no trash bins available.

3)  Accidents, Stalled Vehicles

Accidents do happen, we can’t control it.  Stalled vehicles can happen too!  But what we could do is to act on it as soon as possible.

A stalled tanker in one of Manila’s main thoroughfares made so much trouble last week.  For some reason, it wasn’t immediately removed when it happened during dawn.  People everywhere going to work or to their offices got stuck.  I even had to turn back and go home as traffic wasn’t moving anymore, was forced to take a half day leave.  Bumper to bumper also caused other vehicles to hit each other as no one wanted to give way. 

All for himself that day.  It was so frustrating I wanted to cry inside the car.  I just wanted to stop and just let all the cars pass through! Hahaha… I will definitely earn the ire of all the motorists for blocking their way!

These are my Top 3!  How about you?  What do you think are the causes of our MEGA TRAFFIC?

Feel free to post your comments below!


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