Food Trip: McDo’s New Chicken Fillet ala King

I have always been a fan of McDo’s Chicken Fillet with Rice.  Not only it’s cheap, it’s tasty too! For only Php50.00, you can get a decent meal with drinks!

Now, they have launched a variety of this meal and it’s called Chicken Fillet ala King. 


For only Php59.00, you can get the same meal.  But instead of the usual gravy, the chicken will be served with sauce.  Milky sauce with some herbs, complements the tangy and little bit spicy chicken fillet.

It’s something to try.  The chicken has still the same taste as with the old.  But the sauce is worth a try.  Just make sure you ask your server for a little bit more sauce.  I am just not sure if they allow it though.

If you are in a hurry and on a budget, why not try this new offering from McDo?  

And yes, this is what AlDub is endorsing!


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