Family Mode: Costumes for Halloween 2015

Last time we went Trick or Treating, it was in Gateway Mall and it was a disaster.  First time to bring 2 kids both  in costumes and it was just too much too handle.

Fast forward to 2 years later.  Girls have grown up and there is an invitation to bring them to one event.  This one will be held in a subdivision and away from mall goers / rowdy Trick or Treaters.

Practical and Kuripot mom that I was, found some costumes on sale in SM – accidentally!  I let my kids choose from the sale items only.  I don’t want to spend on something that will only be used once or twice.  Luckily, we agreed on the costumes for each girl.  Both were on sale at 50% off.  Not bad huh?

For the little one, hers is a Cave Girl Costume.  I got it for Php 150.00.  Old Price is Php 299.75.  Comes with a bone necklace.


For the big one, she chose to be a witch this year.  I got it for Php350.00 instead of Php699.75.  Comes with a hat.


I can’t wait for them to wear their costumes! 

Wait for my next post regarding Halloween 2015!


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