Family Mode: Christmas Village in Manila Hotel

Today is Christmas Day!  Merry Christmas!

If you don’t want to stress yourself on where to bring the kids today, you might want to bring them to the Christmas Village in Manila Hotel.  Yes, you heard it right, in Manila Hotel.

Their Grand Lobby is made even grander with their giant sized Christmas Tree, the Gingerbread House, the Polar Bears and the Penguins.  You can have your pictures taken and it’s absolutely free!



Then there’s the Christmas Village at Parsons Street.  Glad that my brother bought us tickets so the kids could enjoy this wonderful village. 

To get passes to the Village, you have to pass
by the Mayor’s office.


The ticket can be bought for Php1,500.00.  That’s inclusive of a Manila Hotel Teddy Bear and the following:
1) a Can of Cookies
2) Storytelling
3) Movie Time with popcorn
4) Tea Time
5) cotton candy and ice cream


First stop for the girls is the Bookshop.  There’s a wonderful storyteller, her name is Teacher Jolly, who reads you stories.  You can also have some coloring activity done.  You can also read by yourself and just enjoy the cozy bookshop with the beautiful interior.


Then we went and get our popcorn and off to see a movie.  The Santa who is manning the Grand View Theater chose the Polar Express for us.  It really is a nice film that tells kids about the story of Santa.  The theater is not your ordinary one.  All the chairs are Lazy Chairs.  You can put your feet up and just enjoy the show.


After watching the movie, we got hungry.  So we proceeded to the Patisserie to have some tea and snacks.





The kids enjoyed being served with “tea” and having a plated meal. They loved the chocolates that is free for all on the table.

The rest of the rooms are named according to the village theme. But some are just used for functions and not really for the Christmas Village.


Thank you Aku for this wonderful and unique experience.

How about you guys, you might want to let your kids experience this too! Go to Manila Hotel now. Proceed to the Mayor’s Office to get your tickets!

Don’t forget to bring a camera as there are so many places to take snapshots of!

Merry Christmas!

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