Food Trip: Kanto Freestyle

Discovered a new place just a few minutes away from our place.  It’s definitely reminiscent of me and my cousins’ Bambang Days where there were tons of Tapsilugan open 24/7. 

This new discovery is called Kanto Freestyle Breakfast.  It’s a small non-air conditioned cleaner and bigger than carenderia space.


They serve breakfast all day and you could have your eggs cooked the way you want it.  Whether it be scrambled or sunny side up, you have your choice.

They offer more than the usual Si-Logs (garlic rice and eggs plus viand), they have pancakes, and some other non breakfast food.

Look at their extensive menu.


We decided to order 5 of their bestsellers since we wanted to try them all.



Tuyo at Kesong Puti – wasn’t able to try the Kesong Puti but the tuyo was delish.  It is a little bit salty but its crunchiness makes up for it.  Instead of serving it the usual way, they flaked it before frying so it looks like its tuyo sticks.  Tuyo by the way is Dried Fish.

New Zealand Beef Tapa – for a Carenderia, serving the regular Tapa is the norm, but Kanto Freestyle is not your regular resto.  So it served New Zealand Beef Tapa.  The taste is good, but the the meat is not so tender.  The part I got was very chewy and I don’t like chewy meats.

Vigan Longganisa – This one’s my favorite. Tasty and not too salty.  No need for vinegar sauce.  Just eat it as is with your garlic rice and fresh tomatoes.

Crispy Pork Belly – Definitely crispy and crunchy.  The meat is tender and the sarsa (sauce) does have the liver taste on it.  The order doesn’t include the eggs though.

Spam & Eggs – The spam’s too fried and toasted.  Should have just half fried it.  It was too hard to bite. 

So there, our review for some of their bestsellers.  Worth what you pay for except for some “need improvement” here and there.   Nevertheless, the value is there.  Will still recommend it. 

We didn’t have space in our tummies to try their desserts yet so we will be back to try those out. 

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast has 4 branches to date.
and the one we visited

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