Food Trip: Tori Tori

Want some midweek food trip to destress?  Then you have to check out Tori Tori Kushiyaki Snack Bar located along Wilson Street in San Juan.



They have expanded their space so there’s more room for everyone now!


A lot of choices.  They have chicken, beef, and veggies all grilled to perfection!  Tori Tori specializes in serving skewered / grilled food.


Some of what we ordered tonight, as vouched by my friend who lived near the area.



Bacon Enoki (Php 60.00 per stick) – golden mushroom wrapped in bacon

I love golden mushrooms so this is a favorite.   Crunchy mushrooms wrapped in tasty bacon.


Sausage (Php 45.00 per stick) – more like Longanisa in Skewers.

Sausage is good.  The meat is tender and juicy.


Ika Maki (Php 45.00 per stick) – Japanese fish cake stuffed with squid

Not my type, the squid doesn’t complement the fish cake.

Japanese Wagyu (Php 125.00 per stick)  – Wagyu beef skewer

I thought it’s gonna be real beef, but the texture of the meat in the skewer doesn’t feel / taste like real meat.

It is one of their bestsellers so maybe it’s just me.

With a bowl of Japanese rice and a stick each of the 4 yakitori variety, tummy is overflowing already.

Took some more variety of Yakitori home but wasn’t able to take pictures anymore as this little monster devoured it in no time.


Guess they are so good. 

Butabara (Php 40.00) – pork belly

Chicken Thigh (Php 40.00) – boneless thigh

This place is definitely something new to try.  The ambiance is great, perfect for chit chats.  The food’s okay.  Price is average.

They offer Free Beer on your next visit if your bill reaches Php 400.00.  Great, right?

Here’s a map I took from their Facebook page so you don’t get lost.


Like them in their official Facebook Page, Tori Tori Kushiyaki Snack Bar or
Follow them on Instagram, ToriTori.Ph if you want to #ExperienceYakitoriGoodness

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