Beauty: Eyebrow Station by Ramon dela Cruz

I wasn’t blessed with nice eyebrows.  My eyebrows got cut off in the arch, meaning there’s no hair after the arch.  When I was in high school, I started getting conscious of how it looks.  So I was bestfriend with eyebrow pencils.

I managed to get through high school and college with my bestfriend.  But with so many days and hours spent drawing and erasing and drawing until my eyebrows got redder and redder.  Couldn’t get out of the house without drawing first.  I was definitely an artist!

First time I had my eyebrows done was when I was already working.  That was more than 10 years ago.  My decision then to have my eyebrows done was by far the most worthy beauty investment.  Not that I had anything else done. Haha.

Nobody knew it was enhanced.  It looked natural until 2015.  It seemed bluish or more like greenish already in color.  I felt it was so faded that I was back to pre eyebrow enhancement.

I started befriending another beauty hack, the eyebrow powder.  For a year, a day wouldn’t start without me putting some eyebrows first.  Back to high school once again.

Problem with using eyebrow powder is getting different looks every time.  Sometimes you perfect it, sometimes it just doesn’t look right.  So you do it all over again.

But I am having my eyebrows enhanced again, it’s about time.  I want to have that woke up like this look.  I want to have the freedom of wiping my whole face without worrying that I might remove my eyebrows.  I want to have the freedom of waking up, taking a bath and leaving the house without putting any make up on.  And still look like I have make up.

I am so excited to see my new eyebrows!  I am now lying here in the clinic waiting for the anaesthesia to take effect.


Oh my gosh!!! I just finished.  Tiis ganda talaga!!! Hopefully, pain subsides in a few hours.  But I love how it looks!

My eyebrows a few minutes after the procedure.  Still groggy but I can do a selfie still.


Loving it much!

If you have your problems with your eyebrows, why don’t you come down here in Eyebrow Station and look for Mr Ramon dela Cruz.  He is very nice.


You could contact him at 0906-2430860.  Follow them on Facebook, Eyebrow Station.

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