Food Trip: The Halal Guys

Went to Megamall to check out the Wedding Fair.  Browsing and going through all the booths, inquiring about this and that made the time go faster than usual.  Before we know it, the mall is closing already!

Good thing we found ourselves in the new wing of Megamall.  Checking out the food stalls, we finally decided on The Halal Guys.


The Halal Guys started in the 1990s in New York City.  They started as a hot dog cart but then the founding partners saw there was a huge demand for halal food meal by Muslim Cab Drivers.  Thus, the steaming hot platter of gyro and chicken over rice was born.

Check out their official website, and read about them.


It was late night already so we settled for a Regular Sized platter and just shared it.


We ordered their best seller, Chicken Platter which set us back Php 339.00, had it upgraded with drinks, so we added another Php 50.00.

Love the Pita Breads, so soft you’ll think you are almost eating a regular white bread.  The Cabbage is so crunchy.  The tomatoes are oh so sweet. 

The Chicken was delicious!  Even with the small chicken cubes, it’s still tasty.  And of course, let’s not forget about the famous white sauce.  Goes really well with the whole platter!

To tell you the truth, I am not a fan of Mediterranean Cuisine but the Chicken Platter of The Halal Guys is definitely an exception.

Worth recommending to everyone.  Would love to try it again.  No wonder people are lining up just to get a taste! 

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