Food Trip: My Kitchen by Chef Chris

As our family loves to eat, we tried a ‘Kitchen’ hidden in Paco, Manila.


If you are familiar with that area, you will know that it’s dark there.  But a gem is to be found with My Kitchen by Chef Chris.  Located inside The Oasis Paco Park Hotel.

My Kitchen by Chef Chris is the main restaurant inside the hotel.  They offer mostly traditional Italian Cuisine. 

Everything is made fresh daily and from the finest of ingredients.  A little bit pricey but we have to consider that it is a fine dining restaurant.

Started dinner with freshly baked breads which my kids loved.  It’s free!


We ordered a soup for my mother in law and she loved it.  It was Cream of Tomato Soup that’s priced at Php 200.00 a bowl.  Wasn’t able to take a picture though.

Kids love pastas so a Spaghetti Carbonara is called. 


It’s too creamy for my palate.  I don’t like its Parmesan-y after taste.  Kids love it though.  This one’s Php650.00.

My husband loves lamb so he ordered a Roasted Garlic and Herb Marinade Lamb Ribs.


The lamb’s meat is very tender.  The potatoes cooked very well. 

Didn’t call for anything else because we are reserving it for The Original – the famous Panizza by Chef Chris!  Rolled up pizza at its best!


The Verena is for Seafood Lovers.  It has scallops and prawns as toppings.

Of course, we have to try the Tinlou which is their bestseller.


This one’s for the Meat Lovers.  And you wouldn’t doubt why it’s their bestseller.  It is so tasty and we loved it so much that we ordered another one.

We will definitely be coming back to try more of their Panizzas. 

Follow them on Facebook at My Kitchen by Chef Chris.

Check out the quaint hotel that houses this kitchen, The Oasis Paco Park Hotel.

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