Food Trip: Let’s Eat at Eco Plaza

Got the chance to visit Eco Plaza for our Canadian Visa.  Canadian Embassy’s service provider is located there.

After we finished what needs to be done, we looked for a place to grab a bite.  Lo and behold, this place surpised us. 

It’s like a wonderland.  Everything is all in one place!

Max’s, Dencio’s Grill, Pancake House, Teriyaki Boy, Krispy Kreme, Yellow Cab, Jamba Juice and Sizzlin’ Steak all under one roof!




The interior is nice. Since they are located in Eco Plaza, it’s but right to have a wood themed resto.

On one wall is the Dining Steps.

Line up.  This is the food counter and where the Menu board is located. 

Fill up the order form.  All of these cutesies are just lying on top of the counter waiting for you to tick your orders.


Get a drink from the ref just after the counter and pay up.  The concept is more like the Triple V Express before in Megamall.

Once paid, you find a table and wait for your order to be served.  Oh while waiting, you could also get service water and condiments here.


Hubby and I both ordered from Dencio’s Grill.  And their Sulit Meals are really Sulit!

Mine’s a Bangus Sisig priced at Php70.00.


Hubby’s a Pork Sisig priced at Php100.00


Doesn’t even look like a Value Meal at all!

We were so full, there’s no more space for a dessert.  Would have loved an Original Glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme.

This place should be all over the metro. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner any time of the day.

Go visit now!

They are located at the Ground Floor of Eco Plaza in Chino Roces Avenue Extension in Pasong Tamo Makati City.

Here’s the catch though, if you bring a car and park it at the main Eco Plaza Building, you’ll have to get ready your wallet to pay for the SUPER EXPENSIVE parking fee!!!


Stayed for only an hour or so, we paid Php90.00 for the parking.  My meal’s even cheaper.  And there’s no staircase to go to the Ground Floor either. Risk your life on the ramp or driveway going to the parking.

Just look for somewhere else to park.

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