Food Trip: Jollibee Adobo Flakes Yum Burger and Halo-Halo Sundae

A few hours after we came back to the Philippines, we find ourselves inside the leading fastfood chain in the country, Jollibee. 

Always on the lookout for new items to try, I ordered a Value Meal with Burger, Drinks and Sundae.  Ironically, this meal was just launched last May 31, 2016.  (The day I left the country for a vacation.)  And it’s in time for celebrating our country’s independence.


Photo taken from Jollibee Facebook Page

The Jollibee Limited Edition Pinoy Favorites consist of Adobo Flakes Yum Burger (Php59.00) and Halo Halo Sundae (Php35.00). 


I’d rather that this is also in a Rice Variant because I think the concentration of the sauce is too salty for a burger.  It’s the same as your yummy YUM burger but the original dressing is removed to give way for the tender flakes with sauce that’s put on top of the burger.  Overall, it’s tasty and a nice mash up burger.  Worth to try.


Next is the Halo Halo Sundae.  Oh this one I love the most.  It has your regular milky Vanilla sundae topped with Halo Halo toppings.  A few pieces of red and green Nata de Cocos, strips of macapuno, bits of beans, cuts of bananas and a finish of Ube syrup make up for this sundae.

I always love my halo halo with a lot of milk so the milkiness of the sundae is complementing it right.

I think these 2 should be permanent in Jollibee’s menu.  Not only do we take pride for being Filipinos who excel in whatever field we pursue, we also take pride in having lots of delicious Filipino foods.

So what are you waiting for, while Jollibee hasn’t decided to make this permanent yet, go ahead and try these while it’s there!

I will never get tired of having Jollibee for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It has become a staple in my life.

#Ang sarap, ang saya maging Pilipino!

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