Travel: Renewal of Canadian Visa

Previous months back, had an experience with applying online for a Visa.  I almost had a heart attack.  Read on my experience here.

Of course, mistakes of the past are meant to be lessons of the future.

One of our immediate family members needed to renew her Canadian Visa.  So I filled up her forms online, prepared the documents then submitted everything through the service provider which is VFS Global located at Chino Roces Avenue in Makati City.

What are the forms and documents needed for a renewal?  Kindly check out my list:

1) Application Form– IMM5257 (Application for Visitor Visa Made Outside of Canada)  It’s a 6 page application form you can download and fill up electronically

2) Family Relations Form – (IMM5645) – You will list all your immediate family members’ names and birthdates here.  And if they are travelling with you or not.  2 page form

3) Passport Info Page and Last Page.  

4)  Past Travels.  All the passport pages with travel stamps, especially those with Visas, expired or unexpired.

5) Letter of Invitation from someone in Canada.  This is optional.  

6) Bank Certification.  To prove that you have money to burn in their country.

7) Any property under your name.  To prove your ties with the Philippines.

8) Digital Photo

9) VFS Authorization Form

I already paid the Visa Fee online so there’ll be no hassle anymore when I go to VFS.  Once I got there, you just tell the guard that you’re for Canadian Visa then he’ll let you in.  Don’t worry about the long lines outside, they are for the other countries.  I went there as early as possible, before everything went chaotic, especially the traffic along Chino Roces!

Upon entering the next door, someone will ask for the purpose of your visit.  I told her I’m gonna submit some renewal docs, then she’ll check the passport and if you have brought a photo.

She’ll give you a number and buzz the door open. (Yes, it’s very secure inside!)

When you get in, there will only be a few people.  Filled up the delivery form then waited.  I got called within 5 minutes.  Since I made sure that I got everything needed, it was very easy for the assistant to process my docs.  She checked then asked for my payment.  A little over 1 thousand pesos is not bad.  Considering your passport will be couriered to you after visa has been stamped.

I was told that the passport will be delivered in 5 working days.

And we have it now.

No frills. Just Visa.

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