Pay Travel Tax Online

Avoid the Holy Week Rush!  Pay your Philippine Travel Tax Online.

Go to

Click Travel Tax, on the dropdown menu, select Pay Travel Tax Online.

You will be directed to this page.  Register and be a member. 

Once you are registered.  Paying your Travel Tax is so easy.  A registered member can pay for a maximum of 4 companions at a time.  

Click the Yellow Button that says Click here to fill up Travel Tax Payment Form.

The member’s name will be on default for every application.  You can choose to add member to input the name of your companion.  Fill up the form, you will be needing your Booking Reference Number.  Make sure you choose the right type of travel tax to pay.  For regular passengers on Economy, Travel Tax is Php 1,620.00.

Check all details then Click Confirm Payment.

There will be a fee of Php28.35 for each Travel Tax you pay online.  They call it Service Fee.  It is very minimal in exchange for the hassle of lining up and paying in Cash in the airport.

Once you confirm your payment, you will already see your Digitized Travel Tax Receipt.

There will be 4 copies.  2 copies in a page.  Print it in Landscape Form and cut.

There you go.  Travel Tax out of your way when you go to the airport.  

Saves us all the hassle.  Happy Vacation!

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