Via Mare at NAIA Terminal 3

A trip to the airport could be so stressful, except when you can have some good food before your flight!

Via Mare can be found at the new food court area in NAIA Terminal 3. It is just by the door through the Runway Manila.

For a quick lunch, we ordered the following:

Gising Gising

Crunchy and delicious

Sinigang na Karne

Right amount of sourness.

Rellenong Bangus

Sweet and savoury milkfish meat mixed with tomato sauce.

Kare Kare

Peanut based sauce with vegetables and some seafood.

Rellenong Talong

Eggplant with sauteed ground pork wrapped in egg. I like this also, it’s very tasty.

And of course, a trip to Via Mare won’t be complete without having their famous Puto Bumbong.

Puto Bumbong is a Filipino dessert, steamed purple colored rice cake. It is served with Muscovado Sugar and Grated Coconut. It is associated to be a Christmas Dessert because it is usually found outside the church after midnight mass during the Christmas Season.

A packed meal just before a flight would do so much, for one, this will definitely make you snooze on that flight, before you know it, you have already landed on your destination.

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