Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour

It’s official! Madonna is coming to Manila on February 24, 2016 next year. Here’s the official poster:   And unfortunately, the affordable tickets are fast running out.  I checked online and here’s what I got. Upper box tickets are not available already!!! This one amounts to Php 8,400.00.  The next price is Php 29,400.00!!! ThatContinue reading “Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour”

Update Your Status… A Valentine Concert!

Excited to watch The Soul Siren Nina’s Valentine Concert tomorrow, February 13 at the Music Museum with Hubby. To catch up with today’s Facebook Age, the concert was aptly called “Update Your Status.” Cool poster also! Guest artist would be Luke Mejares! I am pretty sure that the concert will be filled with lovebirds likeContinue reading “Update Your Status… A Valentine Concert!”