Ramen Bari-Uma Jr

Another gem of a ramen house, Ramen Bari-Uma Jr. Bari means Super and Uma means Tasty. And the ramen’s really super tasty! I love its interior. Red tiles adorn the corner end of the resto, while mirrors with painted Japanese words in red and black are placed on the side to make the place lookContinue reading “Ramen Bari-Uma Jr”

Mendokoro Ramenba

On one of our rare date nights, we decided to head to Salcedo Village in Makati City to try this famous Ramen resto. We thought there will be a shorter line since it’s the middle of the week and it’s already late (8:30pm), only to be shocked, sleepy and hungry for 2 hours while waitingContinue reading “Mendokoro Ramenba”

Caution Hot!

Check this new ramen house which you could mix with your choice of hotness! Sounds hot right?  Check out this spicy restaurant. They opened in Kapitolyo recently and the place is packed. Don’t expect a full menu of ramen though.  Mixing and matching is their thing. Our choices: 1) Beef with Egg Noodles in ClassicContinue reading “Caution Hot!”